850-Pound Pot Brownie Brings New Meaning To 'Getting Baked'

A pot brownie made this week in Norwood, Massachusetts, is bringing new meaning to the term “getting baked.”

That’s because the dank dessert treat is an 850-pound monster measuring 3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 15 inches high. It contains more than 20,000 milligrams of THC.


The massive marijuana brownie was created by MariMed, a multi-state cannabis operator, to celebrate National Brownie Day, on Dec. 8 and to promote the company’s new brand, “Bubby’s Baked.”

Besides the cannabis, the behemoth brownie also contains 1,344 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar, 212 pounds of butter, 81 pounds of flour and 122 pounds of cocoa powder, among other ingredients.

A team of five cannabis confectioners needed 24 hours to make the brownie. It wasn’t easy, according to MariMed offical Ryan Crandall.

“One of the hardest parts was stabilizing the brownie,” Crandall told HuffPost by email. “We built a pallet and some supports to fortify the table it sat on to ensure the 850-pound brownie was safe.”

Advertisement MariMed, a Massachusetts-based cannabis operator, unveiled the “world’s largest” pot brownie in honor of National Brownie Day on Wednesday.Jon Simon

Crandall said the pot brownie’s THC content is equivalent to 4,000 of the company’s normal-sized brownies ― which contain 5 milligrams

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