Australia is Getting Over-the-Counter CBD in 2021…But Not Much

Australia is now officially allowing for medical cannabis to be purchased from a pharmacy without even getting a prescription. However, it won’t happen right away, as there are currently no approved products available, and some would have liked to see more from this law. 

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who pushed this through, not only will there be a wait before cannabis is available, the only product that will legally be sold is CBD oil with trace amounts—specifically 1 percent—of CBD. 

As of February 1 of 2021, CBD oil will be available for sale—that is if there is any product for sale by that time. Up to 150 mg a day could be offered over the counter to help with things like sleeping, pain, and anxiety.

Shifting The Views On Cannabis

This change was made when cannabis was changed from a schedule four drug, which needs a prescription, to a schedule three, which is available over the counter. 

“It’s the biggest milestone since legalisation in 2016 and it’s going to dramatically change access for patients in Australia,” said Cassandra Hunt, managing director of Fresh Leaf Analytics. “Previously, they’ve had to go to a GP and they’ve had to talk

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