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I can be really naive and idealistic sometimes. Like the time I made my very first legal cannabis purchase in NJ back in 2012 and convinced myself that it was a whole new ballgame. Maybe it was a new ballgame for anyone on the business side. But looking back not much changed for those of us who still mostly relied on the black market to acquire our medicine.

There are many reasons why patients and consumers like myself still choose black market weed.

Below are several reasons I don’t shop at dispensaries. And also one very important reason why I do.


I can’t afford NJ dispensary weed. It’s that basic.

An ounce of best-quality medical cannabis at a NJ dispensary will set you back between $400-$500. I wish I could recall the name of the strain that was selling for $530/ounce in Egg Harbor Township. That’s still the highest I’ve seen.

And it’s off-the-charts expensive, prohibitively so for most of us.

For comparison, my black market connection undercuts that price by half. And it’s usually better quality because my black market cannabis is generally not “tumbled” before I consume it.


So what does “tumbled” mean?

Most (if

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