Buds, Bones & Broken Stigma

CANNABIS CULTURE – The sacred canna-visions of Asia Taber

Asia Taber is the owner and creative force behind High Pilot Design, inspired work that redefines cannabis art through photography and painting.

In an interview with Cannabis Culture, Taber said she loved to “make pieces that make people think cannabis, and consider whether or not it’s right for them too.”

“I think there are a lot of people that won’t allow themselves to use cannabis because of the stigma or the belief system that they’re maintaining.  That is probably a false narrative, not only in society, but for themselves so.”

“I love breaking the barriers of what people think an everyday cannabis user is, and so that’s what I started to do with my art.”

Taber did not support cannabis use.  Having grown up in the D.A.R.E. era as an athlete, she believed indulging would carry a stigma.  In fact, after she first smoked, she told her future husband that she felt as though cottonmouth, paranoia, and munchies were not worth the high. 

As a 3rd-generation cultivator, her husband knew that she was smoking “bad weed,” and after introducing her to his cannabis collective, she not only discovered the healing properties

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