Cadiz Road resident objects to potential medical marijuana dispensary location – The Daily Jeffersonian

A proposal by Verdant Creations to potentially locate a medical marijuana dispensary on Cadiz Road just east of the Cambridge city limit has raised concerns.

Long-time resident Jerry Morris is one resident who is opposed to the proposed location in a building that housed Trinity Baptist Church for many years, and he visited Guernsey County commissioners Wednesday to ask a single question.

“I just have one question,” said Morris. “We have already talked it over that you guys really don’t have any control over what is happening on Cadiz Road, but our residents wanted to see … do we have your support in what we are trying to do to get them to move to another location?”

The commissioners first asked Morris if the residents planned to speak with Cambridge Township trustees regarding their concerns, as they are the governing body with the authority to address the issue.

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