Cannabis dispensary owner hounds trans man over his ‘parts’ in disturbing video – Yahoo Eurosport UK

A cannabis dispensary in California refused to let a trans man use the bathroom after the co-owner asked him “what parts” he had.

Dev, the trans man who filmed the incident and shared it on TikTok, where it’s gone viral, said he goes to the dispensary in Palm Springs, California, often and had hoped that the incident could be resolved quickly so he could continue using it.

The transphobic incident began when he showed his ID, which has a male gender marker but his deadname, to co-owner Julie Montante, according to LGBTQ Nation.

Dev was asking to use the bathroom at the 420 Bank and Dispensary when Montante called him “aggressive”.

Trans man asked ‘what parts do you have’

The video shows another employee coming over and misgendering him. Montante then asked him: “What parts do you have? Do you have male parts?”

When Dev responded by saying it was “none of your business”, Montante continued by saying that meant he was “female”, adding: “You’re going to be looking at men’s parts and we can’t have that.

Blocking Dev from the bathroom, Montante said, was “for your protection because it’s not safe for you to go in there because you’re a female”.

“Try to get over whatever is

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