Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Coming To A Virtual Audience This Week

The worldwide cannabis community will have the opportunity to explore trends in sustainable production and other issues vital to the industry during the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, which will be presented to a global audience this week. The event, founded by the City of Denver Cannabis Sustainability Working Group and the Cannabis Certification Council, will be live online May 20 and 21, featuring notable speakers from across the globe leading cutting-edge discussions on sustainability.

The Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

The cannabis sustainability symposium brings together top experts from around the world to discuss the cannabis industry’s environmental challenges and best practices to manage them. The event aims to provide education on the latest tools, technologies, and techniques for efficient cannabis production while offering those attending the opportunity to develop new partnerships to advance sustainability initiatives. Now an internationally recognized event, the symposium is a collaboration between the City of Denver and the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), a nonprofit focused on educating the cannabis industry and consumers about sustainable and quality practices. 

Last year’s cannabis sustainability symposium was held in October and included sessions on energy efficiency, social equity, <a aria-label=” (opens in a

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