City Council extends moratorium on cannabis dispensary permits – Fort Bragg Advocate-News

On November 8, the Fort Bragg City Council extended the moratorium on cannabis dispensary permits for four months, or until March 8, 2022. The Council also decided to not create a buffer around residential areas for cannabis dispensaries and discussed changes to the cannabis microbusinesses ordinance.

The council approved the original moratorium for 45 days on September 27. The council decided on the four-month extension so council members could discuss the necessary ordinances while still being motivated by a quickly approaching deadline. If the council finalizes its decisions before the deadline, the moratorium can be rescinded at any time.

The discussion on the buffer around the residential areas was the most controversial of the meeting, with Mayor Norvell pushing for no buffer and Councilmember Albin-Smith pushing for a buffer.

Due to previous zoning ordinances, there are a number of residential homes in the Central Business District (CBD). There are also a number of homes on the edge of the CBD. As a result, the council members clashed on whether cannabis dispensaries would negatively impact those residences.

Norvell argued that that creating a buffer would eliminate a large portion of the CBD for cannabis dispensaries. Norvell also argued that there are many

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