Corporate Cannabis Gobbles Market in South Africa

CANNABIS CULTURE – South Africa’s Government say they are ready to roll-out their Cannabis Masterplan –  an attempt to bring cultivation into the open and formalize the multi-billion dollar potential of the industry.

The plan has jolted a rush of interesting mergers and takeovers amongst South Africa’s corporate cannabis players.

South Africa’s so-called cannabis Masterplan involves breeding programs for new dagga and hemp cultivars, including on-boarding indigenous dagga growers in the value chain. The masterplan’s vision is slated to take off in October 2021 when South Africa will begin rolling out and supervising permits for the production of hemp; increasing plowing acreage (and on-boarding historically marginalized black communities into legal cannabis cultivation); pushing corporate cannabis players to mentor Black South African growers. “In short, the cannabis Masterplan basically means industrializing cannabis production in South Africa,” says Reggie Ngcobo, the spokesperson for South Africa’s agriculture minister. On paper, this is necessary because South Africa’s cannabis industry has largely operated underground because it is thought that 900 000 growers work under the radar.

Merger deals galore

However, as soon as the Masterplan got warmed up, a flurry of merger corporate cannabis deals began to take shape among South Africa’s  industry players. For

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