Dispatches from Wonderland Miami

Microdose hosted its annual psychedelics conference in Miami last week (appropriately titled “Wonderland”). We were there, meeting industry insiders and clients, and keeping on the cutting edge of the psychedelics space. For our readers who weren’t able to make it, here are some of our key takeaways from two days of all things psychedelics:

Everyone is interested in figuring out how to legalize federally

The conference’s opening panel was on pathways to federal legalization. This is a topic we have covered regularly on the Canna Law Blog, most recently by Mason Marks, here. Rescheduling psychedelics (most notably, psilocybin and MDMA) will be critical to bringing their full scope of medical applications into the mainstream.

Ketamine clinics are flourishing

There was a fascinating panel on the use of ketamine treatments for, among other things, depression and anxiety disorders. We continue to see an uptick in ketamine clinic transactions (the complexities of which we have written about extensively). Our observation was supported by the attendees of Wonderland. With ketamine as the only psychedelic treatment that can (currently) be legally prescribed and administered “off label” by licensed physicians, many entrants into the psychedelic space have started with operating ketamine clinics, with the goal

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