Dispensary founded to build wealth for 21 entrepreneurs from South LA – Yahoo Finance

Queen Latifah invests in cannabis store Sixty Four & Hope taking each owner from under the poverty line to $450,000+ annually.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dispensary concept Sixty Four & Hope today announces the opening of its second of 21 locations owned by social equity cannabis licensees from South Los Angeles. The wellness-focused, culture-rich cannabis store named for Proposition 64, which legalized cannabis in California, and the HOPE for a more equitable future, will open to the public on December 20th, in the Melrose District.

Meet the 21 entrepreneurs and see their store locations

Aja Allen, owner of Sixty Four & Hope, Mid-City [Photo-Grant-Henderson]

“For me, it’s not just about getting the opportunity; it’s about what I do with it once I’ve got it.” – Aja Allen.

The cannabis store honors the plant culture that came before it with an enlightened, informed, & interactive store experience that emphasizes a product-first mentality. Including the social equity and underrepresented cannabis brands it chooses to carry and highlight, providing them with a platform to grow. This ethos opened the door to diverse and exclusive collaborations that strive for authenticity, including Angela Rye, Queen Latifah, Talking Terps, Clubber Lang by Ball Family Farms, itsPurpl by

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