Elections and Cannabis in Germany: Green All Around

Germany will hold parliamentary elections on September 26 of this year. While the ruling Union is expected to win the largest number of seats in the Bundestag, the majority of polls show the Greens (officially Alliance 90/The Greens) taking the second-highest number of seats. In fact, as recently as May, some polls had die Grünen coming in first.

If their numbers hold up, there is a good chance the Greens will be called in as a minority partner in a coalition government. Under such a scenario, the Greens’ leader, Annalena Baerbock, would be expected to become vice-chancellor.

Why does this all matter to readers of this blog? Well, check out what the Green’s platform has to say on cannabis:

“We want to dry up the black market for cannabis and drive back organized crime. To do this, we will introduce a cannabis control law. It enables the legal and controlled distribution of cannabis in licensed specialty shops. At the same time, we want to create a regulated and monitored system for the cultivation, trade and distribution of cannabis. In this way, real consumer and youth protection as well as addiction prevention should finally come into play.”

As discussed above, the Greens’

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