Field Trip (Ten Years of Therapy in an Afternoon?)

CANNABIS CULTURE – We do want everyone to have access to the benefits of some good, old fashioned consciousness expansion, don’t we?

According to Independent Consultant Mort Goldman, Pharm.D., “Ketamine is relatively short-acting, with an incredibly high level of safety. That’s why it’s a favorite among doctors as a procedural anesthetic.”

That’s also why ketamine seems like one of the most reasonable solutions to treating mental and emotional distress in a time when few have access to—or money for—extended psychotherapy sessions that can stretch out for years.

Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Field Trip Health

“It’s like ten years of therapy in an afternoon,” said Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Field Trip Health. The company is leading the way in providing integrative, ketamine-assisted therapy; and it recently launched its Basecamp program aimed at serving the nuanced needs of veterans and frontline workers.

“These are some of the most resilient, capable people you would ever meet. Some of these guys are my heroes. And they’ll say, ‘Yeah, after deployment I put a gun to my head,’” Adam Wright, Director of Basecamp, said of the people he wants this program to

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