For this Boston artist, designing packaging for Mayflower cannabis a chance to spread awareness about legaliz –

For Elias Diestler, a passion for art and cannabis legalization have collided.

Diestler, a 31-year-old transgender digital artist who lives in Brighton, is the current creator featured as a part of the Mayflower dispensary’s artist spotlight series, an effort to give back to the local arts community while highlighting the work of individuals who have a connection to a person or community disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.

“I never gotten to do product design before so I feel like in a time where we’re still trying to destigmatize medicinal marijuana … it’s nice to be able to use art to influence in areas that I think are really important to spread awareness about,” Diestler said in a virtual interview. “There’s a lot of intersectionality for me surrounding marijuana in general and legalization and the way that’s moving around the country. Being a part of this is like being a part of that, too, in my own small way.”

In Diestler’s eyes, everyone should have access to the benefits of the plant without punishment.

The series is part of Mayflower’s positive impact plan, which dispensaries are required to have to benefit communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. Mayflower has a recreational cannabis shop

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