Here's where medical marijuana could be sold under Sioux Falls' proposed rules – Argus Leader

Sioux Falls officials have released maps showing potential locations where medical cannabis dispensaries and testing facilities could be located within the city.

The maps, released Tuesday, show large portions in northern and western Sioux Falls, but in the southern, eastern and central parts of the city, eligible locations are few and far between even under recently loosened restrictions proposed by the city.

Dark green portions of the map show areas that are at least 1,000 feet away from “sensitive uses,” which include single-family homes, twin homes or townhomes, churches, schools, daycares, public use facilities and parks.

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The lighter green areas would be eligible under the city’s most recent proposed changes to the proposed ordinance, which would require a conditional use permit. Those locations are 500 feet away from all sensitive uses, except for schools, which are required to be separated by 1,000 feet under state law.

Prospective owners of a dispensary or testing facility looking to apply for a conditional use permit would be subject to public input on the plan, and would need to take extra steps to separate the land from other nearby buildings.

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