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Alex Howe, left, a budtender at Altitude Organic Cannabis in Dillon, stands behind a protective plexiglass barrier while talking with customers Feb. 16.
Jason Connolly/For the Summit Daily News

In Summit County, there is a diverse landscape of cannabis-based offerings to enjoy, whether it’s your first time stepping into a dispensary or you’re a longtime connoisseur.

But where do you start? If you’re new to Colorado, you might also be new to marijuana, and there’s a lot you should know before lighting up.

Gone are the days of low-potency bud getting passed under the table in Ziplock bags. Today, the experience is much more refined — even sophisticated — with dispensaries selling everything from pre-rolled joints to topical creams, friendly budtenders helping to educate customers, and plenty of rules and regulations to ensure everyone can keep enjoying nature’s best flower responsibly.

It can seem intimidating at first blush, but here is a quick guide that will fill you in on everything you need to know to get busy blazing.

Eat, drink, smoke and be merry

You’re probably familiar with the old shaggy-haired, ski-bum stoner stereotype. And, well, it’s not totally

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