In Ravenna, medical marijuana applications are about location, location, location – Record-Courier

Dozens of would-be owners of medical marijuana dispensaries have filed applications with Ravenna’s city engineer’s office – all hoping to locate in the same two storefronts.

City Engineer Bob Finney said 21 applicants had sent paperwork to his office to confirm that the site they hope to move into would allow a dispensary under the city’s zoning. Almost all of the applicants hope to move into a retail shop at 554 North Chestnut Street, which housed an accessories store called Girls Outside the Box. The store is now operating online only, according to its Facebook page. 

The remaining applicants, Finney said, are eying the former Italian American Club at 644 S. Chestnut St., which closed in 2020

Both buildings are presently vacant.

Both sites, Finney noted, are zoned industrial, a zoning designation that permits medical marijuana resale, cultivation and processing. Commercial zoning designations allow resale only, and it’s conditionally permitted, requiring approval from the city’s Planning Commission. 

“I believe it’s still the Planning Commission’s right to hear it,” he said, adding that the panel could consider things like lighting and parking. 

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