In the Weeds: New Laws for 2022, Kansas Weighs Delta-8, Maine Appeals Dispensary Ruling, Nevada Approves Lounges – JD Supra

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Happy 2022!

In The Weeds welcomes the new year, as well as a number of new cannabis laws and policies taking effect around the country in 2022. Below is a list of state law updates to look forward to this year.

Montana: As of Jan. 1, Montana permits retail marijuana sales for adults 21 and older. The now-finalized rules originate from a 2020 voter-approved initiative, subsequently approved by the governor and finally implemented by legislative panel. Louisiana: As of Jan. 1, Louisiana’s medical cannabis program allows patients to access smokable whole-plant flower marijuana. Previously, such patients were limited to only non-smokable preparations of marijuana (such as gummies) and cannabis preparations administered via “metered-dose inhaler.” California: As of Jan. 1, California requires hospitals and medical facilities to permit medical marijuana use by terminally ill patients over multiple sessions (for details, see McGuireWoods’ Oct. 14, 2021, alert). Colorado: As of Jan. 1, Colorado medical marijuana patients will be permitted to purchase only up to 8 grams of marijuana concentrate per day (down from 40 grams), with some exceptions. Under the new law, dispensaries and medical cannabis businesses are also subject to stricter requirements, such as those addressing advertising practices. Arkansas:

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