Letter: Village board offers chance for input on pot dispensaries – Buffalo News

Over a period of three meetings, the village board offered opportunities for residents to offer input on whether or not the village should opt-in or opt-out of allowing marijuana to be sold in the village. The board gave each person an opportunity (limited to three minutes) to express their opinion about the decision they had to make by the end of December.

I commend the mayor and the trustees for allowing this to happen. Being a retired principal and social studies teacher I felt this was an example of good local government at work. They set up a process that was orderly and informative for everyone. I spoke each time I had the opportunity for opting out of allowing marijuana to be sold in the village. But I felt the board was listening and open to both sides of the issue.

It was also brought up that many municipal governments don’t plan on doing this. They will make the decision without formal resident input at a hearing.

I feel the village board is truly focused on the quality of life of its residents. In my opinion, at the meeting on Nov. 22, they demonstrated this by voting to opt-out of allowing dispensaries

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