Manteca marijuana dispensaries in 2022 vs cigarette vending machines circa 1970 – Manteca Bulletin

Manteca Mayor Ben Cantu is wrong.

Marijuana dispensaries done right are not just like any other business.

In many ways they are better than many other businesses.

That is not a reference to what they sell but what how they sell it.

If you set aside your biases — I can’t stand the smell of the stuff and am as likely to use it as I would smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol which I have done neither so far in 65½ years — marijuana dispensaries aren’t a modern take on dens of inequities.

Step into Authentic 209 Marijuana on McHenry Avenue in Modesto and see for yourself.

It’s the one in the clean reserved looking multiple gray tone building with white accents that you might miss because there is no massive “in-your-face” sign with a 40-foot blinking neon marijuana leaf such as ones Councilman Charlie Halford wants to make sure aren’t allowed in Manteca.

The parking lot is clean and there is highly visible security outside.

Enter the lobby/reception area that is the polar opposite of seedy and you can’t enter unless you’re 21. The cleanliness and pleasant decor as well as extensive security — technical and physical — help

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