Massena village trustees set public hearing date for marijuana discussions – NNY360

MASSENA — Community members will have an opportunity next month to discuss why they want or don’t want marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption within the village of Massena.

The public hearing will be held during the next village Board of Trustees meeting, at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 19.

During their meeting this week, village trustees said they favored allowing marijuana dispensaries in the village limits, but not on-site consumption.

“If we opt out of on-site consumption as we’ve talked about in the past, we can always opt back in,” Mayor Timothy J. Ahlfeld said.

He said most of the calls he has received from the community are in line with the board’s sentiment — yes to dispensaries, no to on-site consumption.

Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire said the calls and emails he has received have been a mix.

“Those that are against allowing dispensaries tend to be against it overall, which I appreciate those concerns,” he said. “It’s more the legalization aspect of it.”

He recalled his discussion with one resident.

“I gave the example of you realize they can literally go 100 feet from village limits and open a dispensary,” Mr. LeBire said. “We’re not going to prevent the purchase of recreational marijuana, but not allow dispensaries.

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