McKenna’s Prophecy Revival (Psychedelics and Tech)

CANNABIS CULTURE – “The drugs of the future will be computers. The computers of the future will be drugs.”  _Terrence McKenna

Technology companies are getting closer to creating a true psychedelic experience with immersive virtual reality. Early studies indicate that some of the same mental health benefits can be enjoyed—legally—without ingesting any actual drugs.

“You don’t exactly need a sitter for this,” said Heather Ray, Chief Creative Officer at Andromeda Entertainment.

Heather Ray

The therapeutic value of psychedelics has made its way back into the news this year. However, exciting new treatment developments are not entirely rainbows and unicorns. Full legal access is still a long way off, and it will be incredibly limited at first. 

If you manage to get your hands on mushrooms or other substances, then your kids, your job, and other responsibilities may make it impossible to get a full 8 hours or more with no distractions. Additionally, there isn’t much you can do to end your trip once you’ve started. 

Companies like Andromeda Entertainment are coming up with solutions that may help. Its program, Soundself, was officially released this year, but SoundSelf has been around

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