Mississippi Attorney General and Secretary of State Support Medical Cannabis

As a Mississippi mayor sues the state over medical cannabis, the attorney general of Mississippi, Lynn Fitch, as well as Secretary of State Michael Watson, are on the side of the medical initiative. This is surprising to many, as both Fitch and Watson are Republicans. 

The mayor of Madison, Mary Hawkins Butler, initially filed the lawsuit in October, before medical cannabis even passed, claiming that Initiative 65 would limit the abilities of cities to control where medical cannabis businesses are built. While the initiative passed back in November by a significant number of votes, she is still hoping to see it overturned. 

However, so far, she is not getting a lot of support from major players in the state. The attorney general’s office is arguing in support of the secretary of state’s office against the lawsuit. 

Butler is claiming that she has a leg to stand on because the initiative process is outdated, since it requires the same number of signatures from five congressional districts. Mississippi no longer has five congressional districts; since 2000, they have four. 

The restructuring happened because of fighting over partisan issues, and the lines being redrawn on a federal level. Therefore, it no longer works

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