Ney Park, marijuana dispensary discussed by Ney Council | Local News | – Defiance Crescent News

NEY — Ney Village Council handled a full agenda Wednesday evening, with discussions about Ney Park, and having legislation written to not allow marijuana dispensaries in the village.

At the November meeting of council, the members discussed the possibility of asking the Defiance County Park Board to turn over control of Ney Park to the village. On Wednesday, Mayor Tom Vance shared he recently met with the park board about doing just that.

“I met with the board and told them my concerns, including that the $3,000 in maintenance money we get from them doesn’t even pay for the mowing for the park in the summer, let alone keep it up,” said Vance. “I asked if they would be willing to turn it over to the village, and they told me they will meet in February and make a decision on whether or not they would want to give control to us, and/or change how the maintenance is handled.

“I told them how we as a village felt about it, the council is in favor of taking it over if they want to give us control of it,” continued Vance. “Initially, through donations from people in the Ney area, we bought the

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