NJWeedman Sues New Jersey — For Legalizing Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – NJWeedman (Aka Ed Forchion) has filed a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey for legalizing regulated cannabis on the grounds that new laws demand a colonialized system of selective prosecution.

“What’s going on right now is the Columbusization of the marijuana industry. In urban communities, we have not had shortages of marijuana in decades. You get these corporations coming in here saying they founded the cannabis industry, and they are setting up in these urban communities. Right on top of us! They are planning on setting up these Walmarts of weed right in our communities.” 

Forchion is passionate when he speaks about the future he wants to see for New Jersey neighborhoods, ravaged by the drug war.

He doesn’t mind the “Walmarts of weed” setting up shop. 

Instead, Forchion wants the average citizen to be able to open a bodega in their neighborhood as well—and he argues that the new laws will make it impossible for this to happen.

At present, there are not yet any official new laws regarding marijuana in New Jersey. Neither the Senate nor the Assembly has managed to muster enough votes to pass legislation. Governor Phil Murphy ran his 2017

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