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Countless dispensaries bearing clever cannabis-related names have popped up around Puerto Rico since medicinal marijuana was legalized in 2017. One such place is The Bloom Room on Avenue Piñero, which opened up in November of 2020. THE WEEKLY JOURNAL chatted with Cristian Crespo, manager and owners’ son, about the challenges and opportunities of opening a dispensary.

The process isn’t easy, nor is it inexpensive. A dispensary license alone costs $20,000, renewed annually. Another $5,000 is necessary to install the Puerto Rico Health Department’s tracking system that traces every gram back to the pot it was grown in. Luckily, dispensary personnel costs are low – most shops need only a couple of bud-tenders and a security guard to operate.

The Crespos weren’t new to the cannabis business before opening their dispensary. They had previously invested in cannabis manufacturing. Sales in their first year of operation have steadily increased, with November bringing in over $38,000 in total revenue.

Still, the most successful dispensaries are those that not only sell, but additionally cultivate and manufacture their products.

About a month ago, one large cultivation decided to offer their flower at a ridiculously low price in their own dispensary, because they had an oversupply of flower that

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