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Croptober is coming right up, and like so many other industries in Colorado, the marijuana field is in need of help. A lot of help.

This year’s harvest season coincides with a national labor shortage for hourly workers, and temporary pot-trimming gigs might not be attractive enough as restaurant and retail owners increase their wages, according to Viridian Staffing CEO Kara Bradford. She’s operated cannabis staffing services since 2013, and says that she’s never before seen a job market like this one in the pot industry.

In their comments on our Westword Facebook post, readers have plenty of explanations for the shortage.
Says Jackson: 

Funny that an industry that exploits its employees, treats them like shit, and gaslights them is having trouble finding good workers.
Responds Monalisa:  Every industry is low on workers, except the hospitals firing people who aren’t vaccinated. Comments Christopher:  Maybe make the background checks less stringent. Right now it’s like trying to work for the fucking feds. Notes Michelle:  When it pays more to work at McDonald’s, it’s easy to see why folks don’t want to get badged. Adds Tae:  Get rid of the badge to work. It’s like asking

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