Southern Michigan marijuana dispensaries say more than half of customers are Hoosiers – Fox 59

COLDWATER, Mich. (WANE) — Heading up the interstate, drivers are most likely used to seeing signs for hotels, restaurants or insurance companies. But, since about two years ago, if you’re driving north passed the Angola exit on Interstate 69, you’ll see a handful of billboards advertising marijuana dispensaries that are just over the state border in Michigan.

A billboard advertising Timber Cannabis Co. that’s coming to Sturgis Michigan “soon.”

It turns out those billboards are catching many Hoosiers’ eyes.

“I want to say about 60% of the people that we see are coming from Indiana,” said the manager of a dispensary in Coldwater, who wished to remain unnamed.

Britany Martin, the general manager of Consume Cannabis in Quincy, said Hoosiers make up more than half of her customers, as well. She added that her Indiana customers “usually” try to purchase the “maximum amount they can,” which according to her is 15 grams.

“They’re like, you know, ‘it’s so hush hush where I’m from in Indiana,’” said Martin. “I’m like ‘you know what, well welcome to the green side of things.’”

Michigan legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, meaning it is legal for adults over 21 in Michigan to grow,

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