Study on Female Rats Indicates Cannabis Use Helps with Stress Reactivity

A study published in Neurobiology of Stress by scientists at Washington State University reveals that inhaling vaped cannabis can help with stress reactivity—at least according to the results from female rats

However, the results were just for females, as the males that participated in the 30-day study did not experience the same changes when responding to stressful environments. Still, it establishes a precedent that connects chronic cannabis use to stress relief. 

“We were able to show pretty conclusively that chronic cannabis use can, in fact, significantly dampen stress reactivity in female rats,” says Carrie Cuttler, who worked on the study.  “Until now, no one has been able to establish whether this blunted stress response is the cause or the consequence of cannabis use.”

It may seem odd to be doing this test on rats instead of humans, but there’s a reason. It’s not easy, and not always ethical, to test stress responses on people. Also, tests would have to be done on people who did not use cannabis right before the experiment, which is hard to control. And because the study was done on rats, there are still some issues with the results. 

“The problem with this approach is that

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