Superette's new Ottawa cannabis dispensary offers up eye candy with the edibles – The Architect's Newspaper

The newest retail outpost of Canadian cannabis purveyor Superette, which opened earlier this month in Ottawa’s trendy Glebe neighborhood, is one that’s likely to leave shoppers in a state of giddy euphoria—regardless of if they’ve already partaken in the store’s core product line or not.

Located on bustling Bank Street, Superette’s 1,500-square-foot Glebe retail store is an unabashedly kitschy homage to nostalgia-inducing retail and entertainment environments of yesteryear, including Woolworth-style lunch counters, arcades, automats, and corner candy stores. Superette, which takes its name from the French word for mini-mart, refers to its latest location as an “immersive experience that is part diner, part fairground funhaus, part cannabis store.”

Featuring a funhouse mirror-lined passage hidden behind a door fabricated from an old soda vending machine, the world’s largest physical cannabis menu, and an arcade-style claw machine game in which “rare paraphernalia” is among the most coveted prizes, the description is more than apt.

Before entering the main retail floor at the back of the store, shoppers can grab a color-coded shopping basket: Green for those looking for assistance and red for those who don’t need it. (Alex Lysakowski)

The store’s jubilant, candy-coated atmospherics are meant to serve as an antithesis to the sleek,

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