The Small Dispensary Blues

CANNABIS CULTURE – While the corporate cannabis industry boasts huge revenues, government handouts and unlimited potential – reality is often a struggle – especially for smaller, independent, unconnected cannabis brands.

Alyssa Angell, Owner of Blazing Jane in Maine, has experienced many of these small business struggles first-hand. 

“On a daily basis I’m seeing big cannabis companies allowed to advertise publicly and be traded on the NYSE, but I can’t even store my money with local banks. I have to drive 45 minutes just for banking.” Said Angell. 

While legalization may solve some problems for smaller cannabis companies, it may not be as helpful as many assume. 

“It’s hard to balance the pros and cons of federal legalization. On one hand, there are still thousands of people in jail for non-violent cannabis charges. No one should be in jail because of a plant.” Said Angell, “But I know we’re going to see MSOs and corporate cannabis companies swallow up the small businesses as soon as federal legalization occurs.”

What’s hard to do is weigh whether national cannabis acceptance will be more helpful than harmful. The biggest drawback is that sweeping legalization will mean big money pouring in.

The doors for

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