Town of Homer residents vote in favor of allowing marijuana dispensaries, on-site consumption establishments – Cortland Voice

Homer Town Hall. (Photo Source: Kevin L. Smith/The Cortland Voice).

On Tuesday, town of Homer residents had the opportunity to vote on the matter of the town’s proposed local law to prohibit marijuana-based dispensaries and on-site consumption establishments.

Back in March, New York state legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 or older. The state is giving municipalities until the end of the year to opt out of allowing marijuana retail sales and on-site consumption establishments. If municipalities don’t take action, dispensaries and establishments are automatically legal at the beginning of next year.

The majority of town residents voted NO, which meant voters decided the prohibition should not be a local law. The vote count showed 673 residents (54.45%) voted NO, while 563 residents (45.55%) voted YES.

The village of Homer voted in July to allow dispensaries, but not on-site consumption establishments, making the overall Homer area a possible choice for patrons to open the specific business.

Homer town supervisor Fred Forbes said some residents were initially confused on the wording of the proposition, due to other propositions having a clear “No” answer to the questions asked. The

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