West Hollywood, a weed destination? Jay Z seems to approve – Los Angeles Times

Home to six cannabis dispensaries, the tiny city plans to approve as many as 40 cannabis permits over the next year or so, part of a drive by a group of cannabis operators to promote the city as a global destination for pot tourism under the moniker Emerald Village.

A company led by rapper Jay-Z bought Calma, a cannabis store in West Hollywood. The city hopes Calma and other cannabis businesses will draw fans of cannabis, and of Jay-Z. (Greg Allen / Invision/AP)

Bolstering the effort is the star power of a handful of A-list investors, including rapper Jay-Z, actors Patricia Arquette and Woody Harrelson, and comedian Bill Maher.

“People who wouldn’t otherwise come to West Hollywood will come for the celebrity factor,” said Scott Schmidt, executive director of the trade group behind the project.

Part of the distinction will come from the city’s highly concentrated ambition: With only 35,000 residents in less than two square miles, West Hollywood is expected to have one of the highest numbers of cannabis businesses per capita in the world, Schmidt said.

Today, the city has one cannabis retailer for every 5,959 residents, according to a

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