Westfield Mall Gets a Cannabis Store — Without Any Cannabis – SFist

The Westfield San Francisco Centre has just seen a marijuana dispensary of a sort open in the mall, but there is no marijuana there — just “non-medicated cannabis replicas and empty packaging.”

If you saw today’s report on 48 Hills about a freshly opened cannabis dispensary in the Westfield Mall, you might have had a question. Didn’t the fancy Union Square-adjacent mall pull the rug out from a cannabis-infused chocolatier in 2017, because the higher-ups at Westfield corporate said, “Unless federal law permits the sale of cannabis products, Westfield will not lease to this type of tenant at any center it operates”? Yes, that happened. And four years later, cannabis is still federally illegal. So why is the Westfield San Francisco Centre now allowing cannabis to be sold on its premises?

They’re not. But the Westfield sure seems welcoming towards this new “plant-based wellness” shop called the Joy Reserve. It opened on the Friday before Thanksgiving, according to an Instagram post, and as their website explains, they’re only carrying “non-medicated cannabis replicas and empty packaging.”

This sounds like a “No sex in the Champagne Room” kind of proposition. But apparently, you can get the real thing after browsing the empty packaging.

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