What social equity might mean for Pasadena’s cannabis retailers – The Pasadena Star-News

Changes to Pasadena’s retail cannabis process, which opened in 2018 and fashioned as a race to land one of the handful of permits first, could be imminent as the City Council is set to discuss new regulations for the growing industry.

Specifically, the council will consider allowing up to three dispensaries per district — currently only one is allowed per district — and decreasing the required buffer between cannabis retailers from 1,000 to 450 feet.

A social equity component, which would factor in such considerations as local residency, existing annual income and whether or not an applicant has been harmed by past drug policy, could also be on the table. Such a move would have consequences for a number of prospective cannabis operators, including Craig Fry, whose company The Brick & Rose Inc. finished on the fringe of the city’s scoring system used to rank applicants.

One company’s journey

Having never smoked weed in his 59 years on earth, Fry isn’t your typical cannabis applicant.

“My position, my ignorance, I should say, prior to learning more about it, was an image of those guys in high school that were smoking it at the end of the parking lot, and I

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